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  • ImagineCare was born as an R&D project at the Dartmouth-Hitchcock a healthcare system in 2013.
  • ImagineCare technology platform enables customers in healthcare to move care of patients from healthcare environments like hospitals and primary care into people’s homes.
  • Connecting patients with smart 3rd party sensors and devices we collect and analyses data in a new ways that enables customers to deliver care in a completely new way.


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ImagineCare is a holistic health experience system that focuses on the customer experience, integrating behavior change design into mobile apps and new clinical web applications. The latest evidence in health and chronic disease management is paired with patent-pending cloud-based technology solutions to offer a highly secure and engaging end-to-end digital health service.

Keeping the human touch in long term health coordination is vital to continued engagement. ImagineCare’s support team of Health Navigators and Registered Nurses use a custom designed clinical web application to provide more personalized and contextual service. This provides unified communication support, EHR integration capabilities, and more modern customer relationship management tools.


Our care pathways

The ImagineCare platform contains a number of clinical and wellness pathways.  These pathways are maps that guide incoming sensor data, telemetry, and customer-reported measures through evidence-based algorithms resulting in an alert. The pathways are not only designed to provide remote monitoring of chronic conditions for early clinical intervention, but also to provide customers with the tools to be stewards of their own healthcare through real-time feedback, coaching and support from both automated and human systems (Health Coaches and Nurses).


Support from virtual care center

Centralized monitoring and support organisation

ImagineCare can offer a virtual team of health coaches that will support you in monitoring and coaching your patients to a better health condition. Our trained nurses and health coaches will give the patient a personalized support in everyday life - when it suits and in what way (phone, video or chat).


Health analytics to support your development

Data, analytics, and population health insights platform

ImagineCare will support you in providing relevant statistics and analysis for you to use as basis for decisions and further development of your healthcare processes.


Support for patients

get better control over your health

The ImagineCare App gives you as patient a user friendly digital tool to get better control over your health. The App gives you a personalized overview of your health condition and a plan on how to improve your health. By reporting health vitals (weight, blood pressure, blood glucose etc) into the app, the healthcare professionals can track your progress and act in time before an acute event occurs.


Support for healthcare

A new way of working for healthcare professionals

For healthcare professionals ImagineCare clinical web interface is a way to standardize and facilitate self-care and communication with patients with chronic conditions. The healthcare professional will automatically get notified if a patients reported health vitals indicate that the self-care or engagement does not develop as intended and provide personalized self-care coaching to the patient using chat, phone or video.

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The real-time interaction with the ImagineCare team makes me feel that someone is looking out for my health and my best interest.
It feels like an interactive wellness program without having to go to the doctor's office.
Easy to use and tracks a lot of information—enough to keep you motivated to live a healthy lifestyle.
ImagineCare has built a platform that the world really needs - efficient, distributed medical care that goes directly to the patient.
Dean Kamen,
inventor of the Segway and Founder DEKA Research & Development


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