For us at ImagineCare, sustainability is an important part of the business and is included in every decisions we make. We view sustainability as a balance between economic, social and environmental responsibility, with people at the center of everything we do. 


For us at ImagineCare, economic responsibility means that we, over time, must ensure a financially stable business for our investors, employees, partners, patients and customers, as well as the company’s other stakeholders.


Environmental responsibility for us at ImagineCare means that we consume as little resources as possible in our business. Overall, our business has a relatively small environmental impact, but we work continuously to review our way of working and our processes to achieve a minimal environmental impact.

Our main environmental impact relates the logistics and transport of our measuring instruments, such as blood pressure monitors and activity bracelets. We work closely with our logistics partner in order to minimize package size and packaging as well as ti choose environmentally friendly alternatives for packaging and transport.


For us at ImagineCare, social responsibility means being a good social actor, and a driving force in the development of self-monitoring and close care, together with patients, caregivers, and other stakeholders. We always take into account the health, well-being and equal opportunities of employees and other people.

Conflict minerals

An important social responsibility issue for most technology companies is the issue of conflict minerals. Gold, tantalum, tin and tungsten are minerals that are often used to make modern technology such as activity bracelets and similar measuring instruments with a Bluetooth connection. As these minerals are to a large extent found in conflict-affected areas or the extraction takes place under difficult working conditions, these minerals are called conflict minerals.

To prevent the western world’s demand for minerals from financing conflicts in conflict-affected or high-risk areas, the EU and the USA have produced Regulations 2017/821 and Dodd Frank Act Section 1502, respectively. The legislation will lead to companies having better control over where the minerals they use come from.

ImagineCare complies with these directives and only works with partners of measuring instruments who have a stated policy for handling conflict minerals.

Information security

For us, information security is an important part of our social responsibility. Protecting patients’ rights and integrity is a prerequisite for building trust. We protect our own, as well as our patients’, information assets from unauthorized collection, preservation, use, extradition, alteration and destruction. All in accordance with current laws and regulations. We achieve this through appropriate policies, guidelines, routines and technical safety. You can read more about our work under “Measuring equipment & Classification”.

Annette Brodin Rampe

We are passionate about creating a safe and healthy environment for people who are chronically ill. We believe that people feel better about staying in their home environment and living an active life despite their diagnosis.