ImagineCare makes it possible for you to have contact with your healthcare provider at a distance where you continuously report your health values, both manually and via sensor technology, and answer questions about symptoms and mood. ImagineCare is your tool for gaining an increased understanding of your health and thus better control. Our solution is easy and flexible to use. 

An app that gives you control and security

The ImagineCare app gives you as a patient a simple and effective support so that you can take control of your own health. The app gives you a good overview and you, in collaboration with your healthcare provider, get access to an individual health plan that helps you feel better. By also regularly reporting your health values, healthcare professionals can help you act in time if your values ​​deviate in any way.
Since the solution is more or less in your own pocket, in your smartphone or on your tablet, you choose where you want to be – at home, in the cottage or elsewhere, wherever you have a working internet connection. It is your individual conditions and needs that are at the center.
If you have questions about your health data ​​or your health plan, you can easily contact your healthcare provider through the app.
The app also has the option to create your own reminders, for example when it is time to take your medicine or when it is time to measure blood pressure or similar. It is also possible to decide if you want to share your personal healthcare information with someone close to you, such as contact notes after you have talked to the nurse. 

Proactive efforts through monitoring

Via the app, your health data ​​and answers are sent to your care provider in a secure way. There, the healthcare staff automatically receives notifications when you exceed your limit values ​​and can make proactive efforts such as adjusting your medication. You can feel safe in your home environment while the caregiver sees and knows how you feel.

Safe in every way

Our goal is for you to feel completely safe using ImagineCare, that is not only in terms of your mood but also that your personal data is processed in a secure way and that your privacy is protected.
We have taken various technical measures so that personal data is transferred and stored securely. This means, among other things, that data is always transmitted encrypted and that we have login via BankID or so-called strong passwords.
ImagineCare is a CE-marked medical technology product, which means that we meet special EU requirements from a health, environmental and safety perspective. You can read more about the requirements and standards we meet under “Measuring equioment and standards”. 

User-friendly patient app that communicates with the various measuring equipments.

Through specific pathways with built-in logic, the patient’s healthcare data is analyzed

The caregivers monitor via a clinical overview

For the patient
• Increased sense of control and security
• Increased participation and commitment to self-care
• Care where and when the patient has chosen to be, which provides increased independence and quality of life
• Increased accessibility to the caregivers
• Intuitive and easy to get started

For the healtcare sector
• Patient-centered approach where the focus is on the patients in greatest need of support.
• Enables proactive work
• Increased conditions for increased commitment and participation from the patient
• Effective as you can follow up a larger number of patients compared to traditional physical visits
• Based on evidence-based logic, developed by doctors and nurses for doctors and nurses

For the society
• Reduced number of visits to primary care as patients can be followed up at a distance
• By extension, reduced occupancy in hospitals through health-promoting, preventive care
• Opportunity to proactively support the growing group of multi-sick, chronically ill adults, who currently account for 80 percent of society’s healthcare costs (excluding covid)

You can read more about our solution under “for you as a patient” and “for you as a caregiver“

Annette Brodin Rampe

We are passionate about creating a safe and healthy environment for people who are chronically ill. We believe that people feel better about staying in their home environment and living an active life despite their diagnosis.