ImagineCare’s solution is based on the principles of the Close Care concept (Nära vård), i.e. care is provided on equal terms and the patient with the greatest need should receive care first. ImagineCare enables a person-centered way of working based on the patient’s needs and conditions. It enables you as a healthcare provider to see, prioritize, involve and adapt the efforts according to what is important for each individual patient. ImagineCare is a technical platform with built-in decision support that can be used as a basis for monitoring most patient groups in healthcare.

The clinical overview – your interface with the patient

The interface for you as a healthcare provider helps standardize and facilitate self-care and communication with patients who have long-standing health challenges. A simple, user-friendly and educational design facilitates monitoring and provides an overview of patient data for a larger patient group. A decision support is also built into the system.

The individual care plan is drawn up in the clinical overview in connection with the patient being connected to the service. The care plan can then be edited if necessary in the clinical overview, either manually by care providers or by automatically by the analysis processes. The care plan visualises which pathways the patient is connected to and shows current health data. Including vital parameters and with which measurement interval the follow-up is to take place. The care plan is shared with the patient in the app.

You as the care provider is automatically notified in cases where reported health values ​​indicate that the self-care or commitment does not work. The care provider can also provide individualized self-care support to the patient via chat, telephone or video. The notifications are divided into different priority levels, which means that the provider is quickly alerted to patients with more serious problems.

Patient interface – the app

The patient app is simple and intuitive even for the most digitally inexperienced users. It is used in combination with relevant measuring equipment that automatically transmits the measurement results via Bluetooth to the patient’s tablet or smartphone. The measurement results are immediately visible to the patient in the app, where she can also respond to forms and rating scales, the content of which is processed in the logic of the analysis processes. The results are simultaneously transferred to ImagineCare’s clinical overview so that healthcare professionals can follow up on the values ​​that come in and provide individual follow-up.

With ImagineCare, the patient has a communication tool that provides a secure (encrypted) message exchange, so that the patient can communicate with healthcare professionals when appropriate. Because the solution is mobile and site-independent, it provides the patient with a high degree of independence and flexibility.

Our health flows

The heart of the technical platform is evidence-based analysis processes. The evidence-based analysis processes have been developed to involve and increase the patient’s participation in care to a greater extent. The clinical overview shows the patients who for one reason or another have deviating measurement values ​​or response results.

At present, there are analytical processes and logic that support the following disease states:

  • Asthma
  • Burn-out syndrome
  • COPD
  • Diabetes, type-2
  • Heart failure
  • Hypertension
  • Respiratory infection, including covid-19

Relevant measuring equipment as well as validated questionnaires and rating scales are linked to each health flow.

ImagineCare works continuously to develop new health flows for more disease groups and improve existing flows. Soon we will, among other things, have the opportunity to monitor patients with pain.

ImagineCare is a CE-marked medical device that makes it possible to combine different health conditions in the same interface and thus offers individualized care for multi- and chronically ill patients. You can read more about information security and which measuring instruments the solution can be integrated with under “Measuring equipment and classification“.

Training and implementation

The clinical web application is designed so that it is easy to learn and that important information is clearly visible and easy to process. To facilitate learning, ImagineCare has developed a web-based training.

ImagineCare assists customers with experienced project managers for support in the implementation process, including the development of routines and processes.

Develop healthcare on the basis of statistics and facts

As part of the solution, ImagineCare also offers tailored statistics and analysis that can form the basis for decisions and development. The analysis is based on facts, trends and patterns from collected health data.

Historical measurement values can easily be followed up in the app and in the clinical overview. We can also offer feedback on statistics from the system in form of reports that can help healthcare professionals follow up, among other things:

  • Statistics of registered patients
  • Statistics per health care center
  • Statistics per pathway
  • Clinical trends and outcomes
  • Patient engagement

Annette Brodin Rampe

We want to be the obvious choice for health care when it comes to supporting digital monitoring. Imaginecare has built-in decision support and can be used as a basis for monitoring most patient groups. ImagineCare enables the “Close Care” concept and facilitates priorities so that the person with the greatest need gets help first.