ImagineCare enables you as an employer to work strategically and preventively with work-related illness, especially stress. The employee can continuously automatically report health values, both manually and via sensor technology, and answers questions about symptoms and well-being. This gives you as an employer the opportunity to early on see employees who are at risk of exhaustion.

Exhaustion and stress-related illness are today the most common cause of sick leave. Fatigue syndrome often leads to long-term sick leave and is a major cost for the individual, the employer and the society at large.

In the aftermath of the pandemic, work-related illness and stress will become two of the most important employer issues. There is, among others, a large group of workers who have worked at home for a long period and may continue to do so in some form. This will place new demands on the working environment. The boundaries between work and private life are blurred. Leadership needs to be done remotely, which makes it more difficult for the manager to see how everyone is doing.

Do you know how your coworkers are doing?

How do we detect stress?

A person who is on their way into long-term sick leave often has a period of sick attendance before they become ill. The repeated short sick leave is a warning sign of exhaustion*. Two thirds of all long-term sick leave is preceded by repeated short-term absences.

By continuously answering questions about exhaustion and following this up, you can catch employees who are at risk of exhaustion and thus, by extension, sick leave. Employees are helped by knowledgeable and experienced health professionals to reduce the risk of being sick and thus lost income.

The solution can be used by all types of companies in several different situations:

  • Screening of all employees
  • At work peaks
  • When there are major changes in the team and/or when employee surveys show concern in the group
  • As part of the rehab process, when an employee has signaled feelings of exhaustion or will return after a period of sick leave.

How does ImagineCare Occupational Health work?

A user-friendly app

The employee get access to the ImagineCare app in order to be able to set the status of well-being. This gives the user insight into and increased control over own their well-being and health. The employee will continuously answer a questionnaire called the Karolinska Exhaustion Disorder Scale (KEDS) form that estimates: Ability to concentrate, Memory, Bodily Fatigue, Endurance, Recovery, Sleep, Hypersensitivity to Sensory Impressions, Experience of Requirements, Irritation and Anger.

Organizational questionnaires

As an addition to ImagineCare’s standard offering, there is also the possibility for you as a company to create your own questionnaires that are directly tailored to your organization’s needs.

The follow-up team

Our follow-up team consists of nurses and provides the employee with continuous support.

Flexible custom reports at the organizational and individual level

The employer has access to data and statistics on the organization’s well-being to evaluate and analyze.

For the employee, privacy and data protection are important. ImagineCare guarantees that data provided with us is completely secure and of course we comply with the requirements for data protection and privacy.

Additional functionality

In addition to the possibilities to create your own forms, there is also the possibility to add and follow up:

  • Blood pressure with a Bluetooth connected blood pressure monitor
  • Physical activity
  • Steps and sleep
  • Lifestyles

* Source: SKL: Förbättrad samverkan för minskad sjukskrivning (uppdragpsykiskhalsa.se)

Annette Brodin Rampe

Our offer gives employers an opportunity to work proactively together with their employees to prevent one of the major societal problems of our time – exhaustion and stress-related illness. Together we can make a big difference.