We believe that modern healthcare must put people at the center, both patients and employees, and this can be done by using today’s connected and data-driven technology, which creates opportunities for new ways of working. With the help of ImagineCare, patients can gain increased control over their own health, and healthcare professionals can have more time for what matters most – the patients.


ImagineCare’s solution is primarily intended for people with long-term health challenges. The solution consists of a technical platform, measuring equipments, evidence-based analysis processes and a clinical overview where the caregivers can follow up the health data. The measuring equipment communicates with the app, which after analysis communicates with the clinical overview.

User-friendly patient app that communicates with the various measuring equipments.

Through specific pathways with built-in logic, the patient’s healthcare data is analyzed

The caregivers monitor via a clinical overview

For the patient

  • Increased sense of control and security
  • Increased participation and commitment to self-care
  • Care where and when the patient has chosen to be, which provides increased independence and quality of life
  • Increased accessibility to the caregivers
  • Intuitive and easy to get started

For the healtcare sector

  • Patient-centered approach where the focus is on the patients in greatest need of support
  • Enables proactive work
  • Increased conditions for increased commitment and participation from the patient
  • Effective as you can follow up a larger number of patients compared to traditional physical visits
  • Based on evidence-based logic, developed by doctors and nurses for doctors and nurses

For the society

  • Opportunity to proactively support the growing group of multi-sick, chronically ill adults, who currently account for 80 percent of society’s healthcare costs (excluding covid)
  • Reduced number of visits to primary care as patients can be followed up at a distance
  • By extension, reduced occupancy in hospitals through health-promoting, preventive care
  • Prevention and early attention are fundamental to preventing the occurrence of chronic diseases and reducing complications for those who already have a chronic disease
You can read more about our solution under “for you as a patient” and “for you as a caregiver

Annette Brodin Rampe

We are passionate about creating a safe and healthy environment for people who are chronically ill. We believe that people feel better about staying in their home environment and living an active life despite their diagnosis.