Interview with Masoud Jadidi – ImagineCare’s new Executive Vice President International

We are pleased to welcome our latest team member, introducing Masoud Jadidi the new Executive Vice President International of ImagineCare!

Coming to us from Doktrin, Masoud has held sales leading positions in a number of companies throughout his career in the Medtech sector. He has vast international experience, from Europe, US and Middle East & Turkey. This rich career history will allow Masoud to bring valuable knowledge and skills to ImagineCare, as we prepare for going global.

Tell us about your life before ImagineCare – what led you here?

“Throughout my 26 years’ experience both from clinical, research perspective and within healthcare industry, I have built expertise in solving complex problems through effective, efficient & innovative solutions.

As digital healthcare transformation has just begun, and we are in a radically changing world by evolving patients and healthcare provider expectations, I believe that Imaginecare innovative technology contributes to this transformation by focusing on both patient- and health professionals’ centric solution. Imaginecare solution is a gateway to respond to increase the capacity and accessibility of high quality of healthcare service at home.

What are your first impressions of team and the company?

“Ambitious, goal-oriented and committed team members with a valuable personal quality was my first impression. For the team member, being goal-oriented means to focus on completing specific tasks in order to achieve the team goals.”   

What future plans do you see for ImagineCare and digital remote monitoring?

“Imaginecare is ready for international expansion, establish a growing presence, and become quickly profitable.

Remote Monitoring services in general have been available with desktop-based, limited in data output, and depended on humans to interpret what was wrong. Digital remote monitoring will resolve these limitations through technology, and over the next few years more limitations such as integration to other healthcare systems and Business Intelligence will be addressed by technology.”

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