We enable the proactive care of the future

We believe that modern healthcare must put people at the center and that today’s technology creates opportunities for completely new ways of working. With the help of ImagineCare, patients can have increased control over their own health and healthcare professionals can have more time for what matters most – the patients. Our goal is for people to be able to have increased control over their own health while reducing care consumption and care queues in society.

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Care collaborations

ImagineCare currently has collaborations with the only two regions in Sweden that so far use self-monitoring on a broad scale, Region Östergötland and Region Jämtland Härjedalen.

– “I am proud and happy that we are taking this step that enables the people of Östergötland to become even more involved in their own care. That is, get increased control over their disease and be able to contribute what they can to make the disease mitigate and become more stable. To be able to meet us in healthcare in another way, so we can meet Östergötland in a more needs-oriented way where it is,” says Lena Lundgren, Director of Health And Medical Services in Region Östergötland.

We are also proud partners to, among others, the healthcare providers MedHelp, , Sweden’s leading player in healthcare advice, and Hedda Care, a Swedish healthcare company that works for higher accessibility and patient-related reception. Since December 2021, we are also the official partner ofEvimeria, which offers the market-leading web-based journal system Webdoc.

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Annette Brodin Rampe

We are passionate about creating a safe and healthy environment for people who are chronically ill. We believe that people feel better about staying in their home environment and living an active life despite their diagnosis.