ImagineCare is a market-leading company in digital health monitoring of patients, so-called self-monitoring. The data driven platform creates the conditions for health-promoting and preventive self-care. People with chronic diseases, such as heart failure and diabetes, is supported where the feeling of well-being is highest – at home or wherever the patient wants to be. 

Today, approximately every second resident in Sweden lives with one or more chronic diseases, a group that continues to grow. Through a proactive, preventive and health-promoting approach in healthcare, we can together ensure that healthcare can detect changes or deviations in time and that all these people have the opportunity to live a good life.

ImagineCare’s solution includes the whole person. By regularly following up on quality of life and living habits, healthcare professionals can offer support for change or help the patient further. ImagineCare’s solution enables new ways of working for healthcare – with increased security and participation in one’s own healthcare as a result. Our goal is for people to be able to take control of their own health and in the long run at the same time reduce care consumption in society.


ImagineCare started in 2013 as an innovation project in the Dartmouth-Hitchcock healthcare system in the USA and has been developed in collaboration with Microsoft. The team that developed the platform was an interdisciplinary team with knowledge in behavior change, medical research, clinical experience and technology development.

Continuous development

The company and the platform constantly develops based on feedback from patients and clinical staff. We strive to continuously improve the user experience for both patients and healthcare professionals, improve the health outcomes for connected patients and increase engagement. Key words in all our development are the patient’s health at the center, user-friendliness and proactivity.

Annette Brodin Rampe

We are passionate about creating a safe and healthy environment for people who are chronically ill. We believe that people feel better about staying in their home environment and living an active life despite their diagnosis.