Digitalt i hemmet minskar akutbesök

December 2018

– Om en av våra hjärtsviktspatienter plötsligt går upp 2 kilo i veckan vet vi att hon eller han börjar samla på sig för mycket vätska. Då kan vi sätta in vätskedrivande tabletter, så att patienten slipper hamna på akutmottagningen. Det sparar så mycket lidande, säger Mitra Iranmahd, verksamhetschef vid Åkermyntans vårdcentral.

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ImagineCare och Telia Inleder Samarbete

April 17, 2018

ImagineCare, som utvecklar innovativa tjänster inom digital sjukvård, och Telia, inleder ett samarbete för att erbjuda lösningar inom hemmonitorering och vård på distans av personer med kronisk sjukdom. Initialt omfattar samarbetet den svenska marknaden...


Swedish Post and Telecom Authority Features ImagineCare

January 17, 2018

The Swedish Post and Telecom Authority (PTS) recently featured ImagineCare as an example of proactive health care delivered though Swedish broadband. Improve your access and ease of care, no matter where you live in Sweden, with the help of connected health care services. Watch the video by clicking on the image. 

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ImagineCare och Legevisitten introducerar distansvård för personer med kronisk sjukdom

Jul 06, 2017

Legevisitten, en innovativ vårdgivare med 35 verksamheter i Stockholm och Värmland, utvecklar nu sitt vårdutbud av digitala vårdtjänster med hjälp av ImagineCare. Med ImagineCare kan personer med kroniska sjukdomar mäta medicinska parametrar i hemmet. De får också digital tillgång till ett personligt vårdsstöd inriktat mot ökat engagemang i den egna hälsan. På detta sätt förbättras upplevelsen och medicinska utfallsmått samtidigt som fysiska vårdbesök och onödig administration kan minska.


ImagineCare and Sigma Join Forces to Create World Class Digital Health Care Services. 

JUNE 15, 2017

ImagineCare and Sigma IT Consulting have developed a new partnership to create a strong Nordic initiative for tomorrow’s healthcare. Through this partnership, customers will have access to proven solutions for world-class digital healthcare.

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LifeCareX förvärvar ImagineCare

Apr 24, 2017

LifeCareX, som utvecklar tjänster inom digital sjukvård, har förvärvat ImagineCare, en världsledande lösning för digital vård för personer med kronisk sjukdom, från det amerikanska universitetssjukhuset Dartmouth-Hitchcock. Samtidigt byter bolaget namn till ImagineCare AB

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ImagineCare – A New Tool for a Changing Healthcare Landscape

DECEMBER 6, 2016

ImagineCare partnered with Modea to develop and integrate APIs to request and push patient data back and forth between EHRs and ImagineCare. This way, important patient data, such as health information collected by wearables, can be shared across both the ImagineCare platform and the EHR, giving the entire care team a more complete picture of the patient’s overall health.

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ImagineCare and Cohero Health Merge Digital Technologies for COPD Management

OCTOBER 4, 2016

ImagineCare is excited to partner with Cohero Health, a digital health company leading the way in the development of connected health technologies that empower respiratory patients. As part of its suite of remote sensors designed to track and control a range of chronic diseases, ImagineCare welcomes Cohero Health’s wireless medication inhaler sensor, HeroTracker™, for use by customers enrolled in ImagineCare’s COPD service.

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Dartmouth-Hitchcock Ushers In a New Age of Proactive, Personalized Health Care

MARCH 30, 2016

In the Upper Connecticut River Valley, an unprecedented effort is underway that could revolutionize the U.S. healthcare system. At Dartmouth-Hitchcock Health System, an unlikely team of experts from a broad swath of industries—from medicine to retail, entertainment, publishing and hospitality—is fearlessly and persistently challenging the status quo of modern healthcare. They're piloting a highly coordinated, intensely personalized solution that encompasses physical, mental, and emotional health.




ImagineCare joins the "Hot List" for Health Care Investment Opportunities in Sweden. 
Stockholm, the most creative minds from health care, life sciences, ICT and gaming are shaping a new generation of digital solutions with the potential to transform health care on a global scale. The needs are enormous and Stockholm is the hub for Digital Health innovation.


MARKETPLACE: Why home health monitoring devices could improve care and costs for chronically ill patients
“If I hadn’t had somebody to check the blood pressure reading and alert me it was dangerous, I could have gone on for days and days with it steadily going higher until I did have an episode of some sort. Then I would have been in the hospital," she said.

FORBES: How IBM And Microsoft Are Disrupting The Healthcare Industry With Cognitive Computing
ImagineCare adopts Microsoft's Cortana Intelligence Suite to predict and prevent customers' medical emergencies.