Region Östergötland

In March 2020, the Östergötland Region procured ImagineCare as a platform for self-monitoring. The region’s goal was to implement new ways of working in health care to support people’s different conditions and abilities to maintain health, manage health challenges when they arise and have the energy to live life even when health challenges of a chronic nature exist.

Facts about the collaboration

  • Manages self-monitoring of the chronic diseases; hypertension, heart failure, COPD, diabetes and since February 2021 asthma.
  • The Östergötland Region aims to offer prescribed self-monitoring to 5,000-10,000 patients, primarily with chronic diseases. This is part of the strategies around “Close Care” (translation from Swedish “Nära Vård”). Self-monitoring is a designated priority initiative within e-Health 2025.
  • For more information about self-monitoring in the Östergötland Region, please see the website of Region Östergötland.

Quotes from caregivers

“Self-monitoring gives patients increased control over their disease and an opportunity to contribute to making the disease more stable. It creates both safety and freedom.”

Lena Lundgren, Director of Healthcare, Region Östergötland

“Instead of sitting in a telephone queue at your health center or reception, you get the opportunity for direct contact with a nurse who is well acquainted with your illness.”

Madeleine Gars, nurse Region Östergötland

“A major advantage of closer monitoring is that we can detect a deterioration early and take action quickly. With more measurement values, we can also provide a more optimal treatment.”

Thomas Gylfe, Physician, Primary Care, Region Östergötland

Annette Brodin Rampe

We want to be the obvious choice for health care when it comes to supporting digital monitoring. Imaginecare has built-in decision support and can be used as a basis for monitoring most patient groups. ImagineCare enables the “Close Care” concept and facilitates priorities so that the person with the greatest need gets help first.