Empowering every person to live a healthier life.

Core Values

We put people first
At the core of ImagineCare are the customers and team members who share in the experience of building and using great products.  We strive to put their safety, needs, and expectations first.  We believe that if you focus on exceeding expectations for customers and team members first, then great work will follow.

We encourage happiness

We celebrate achievements, create opportunity for shared experiences, and encourage a fun and loving attitude. We practice acts of random kindness for customers, team members, and partners whenever possible to exceed expectations and create happiness.

 We build trust through transparency 

We build trusted and safe environments for customers and team members that allow for open, honest and effective communication. When in doubt, we always work for greater transparency in our products and structure - not less.

We are always seeking

We are always finding new ways to create, improve and innovate. We move quickly and create structures that allow us to build great services that will improve people's lives and support amazing team members who can grow with ImagineCare