What Exactly Is the ImagineCare Experience?

We get this question a lot.

On the surface of it, ImagineCare sports a nifty mobile app that syncs and organizes health data sent from your activity tracker—or blood pressure cuff or weight scale or inhaler sensor—creating an easy-to-use platform for you to manage your personal health goals.

Now you're asking, "Okay, so if tracking my steps and heart rate is just the surface of ImagineCare, what's underneath it all? What's the bedrock? What's under the hood?"

You really want to know?

It's the people—yes, actual human people, not a legion of bots—who are available when you need it. Literally any time of day, an ImagineCare customer can call, email, or send a text through our mobile app to connect with one of our stellar Health Navigators or Registered Nurses.

And why would you want to connect with a Health Navigator or Nurse?

Let’s make a list of acceptable reasons to connect with someone at ImagineCare:

  • Honestly, all reasons are acceptable. We’re born listeners! Whatever you got, we’re listening. But okay, here are some reasons why you might call or text us:
  • You’re trying to get started on an exercise routine or establish a new health goal and need some coaching from a trained professional.
  •  Maybe your app or devices are giving you trouble and you need some tech support.
  • You're trying to quit smoking or manage your weight or figure out why you’re having trouble going to sleep at night.
  • You have a doctor’s visit coming up, and you're looking for guidance on how best to talk about your condition with your doctor in the few minutes you’ll have with them.
  • Feeling blue, not sure what to do, and need someone to talk to (even if this three-part rhyme didn’t cheer you up).
  • You’re feeling physically ill or had an accident and would love a Nurse to triage you toward the urgent care you need.
  • You can’t believe Game of Thrones decided to kill off that character and you just need to vent.

See? Any reason at all.

And while we’re at it, here is ImagineCare’s guarantee—the cornerstone of our service: your health data is secure. We will never send personally identifiable health data to a third party (e.g. your employer or other company). Data we share is always only in aggregate and de-identified—population-wide totals for clients wanting a “big picture” sense of health outcome trends. Neither your name nor your individual set of data will be singled out. And that’s not just our word. It’s the law.

Good? Good.