Five Benefits of Exercise If You Have Type 2 Diabetes

Type Two Diabetes, or non-insulin dependent diabetes, affects millions of Americans and can lead to damage of body organs, including eyes, kidneys, nerves, heart, and blood vessels. Fortunately, the disease can be managed and almost cured with proper changes in diet and exercise.

Let’s talk about one of those—the benefits of exercise if you have Type 2 Diabetes.

Of course, before beginning an exercise program, if you do have Diabetes, you should complete a medical evaluation to assess your glycemic control and to screen for any complication that may be made worse by exercise.

And with that go-ahead from your doctor, if you are looking for ideas about exercise and how to get started, check out these tips.

And here are gains you stand to make against Type 2 Diabetes by incorporating exercise into your lifestyle:

1. Improve insulin sensitivity

This means that the insulin that your body produces works better when you exercise, making your diabetes more manageable.

2. Lower your blood sugar

Exercise uses glucose, therefore lowering the amount that is in your blood. It will be important to monitor your glucose levels before during and after exercise as you work to control your diabetes. You can record your blood sugar levels by using the ImagineCare app, ensuring that you have a record to see your progress over time and can share it with your care providers.

3. Lose Weight!

Almost everyone wants to lose a little bit of weight, but few can benefit more than someone who is overweight and living with Type 2 Diabetes. Luckily, weight loss is a nice side-effect of exercise, so choose a form of exercise that you really enjoy (e.g. walking or skiing) and get moving!

4. Control your blood pressure

It is quite common for folks with Diabetes to also have high blood pressure. Getting the recommended amount of weekly exercise (150 minutes of easy to moderate intensity, or 75 minutes of high intensity) can help reduce blood pressure.

5. Increase your energy and improve sleep

Exercise is really quite invigorating, and people who do it consistently tend to feel more energized AND sleep better, which can only help to improve outcomes of someone living with Diabetes.

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Marco Day, an ImagineCare Health Navigator, is a Certified Personal Trainer and Movement Training Specialist. Prior to joining ImagineCare, he worked with clients at River Valley Club in Lebanon, NH, on exercise program design and prescription, weight-loss corrective exercise prescription, and personal training. He loves any opportunity to help people make positive health changes.