Introducing: Morgan's DiY Journal!

morgan house.jpg

Hi! I’m Morgan, the Lead Health Navigator at ImagineCare. As a Health Navigator, I get to chat with all of our wonderful customers about health-related topics, wellness coaching, tech troubleshooting, and anything else they need assistance with!

On top of that I also work with a licensing agency to ensure that all of our Registered Nurses are licensed in all 50 states, which is quite a process, but I love a challenge. I have been with the company for a little over a year now and am looking forward to growing with ImagineCare as we develop exciting new ways to help people stay healthy.

That’s just a quick glance into my work with ImagineCare, which I am so passionate about. But can I tell you about one of the things that keeps me healthy, active, and motivated—both in body and mind—outside of work?

That passion is (pardon the all-caps) HOME IMPROVEMENT!

The house in the photo above—that’s my house. It was built in 1843, and despite how good it looks here, it’s in desperate need of some TLC. When we took over the property, there was no heating, plumbing, and the roof was about to cave in. Those were the first things we tackled, so the house is now officially livable (YAY!), but there’s still so much to do.

The construction crew—Rex, me, Roxy (our beagle), and our 25 chickens—spend most of our time outside the office working on this house. Our goal is to turn it into a bed and breakfast, which may be way down the road, but I admit I’ve truly latched onto the idea of it and can’t imagine striving for anything else!

I grew up doing projects around the house with my dad, from gardening and landscaping to carpentry and room remodeling—you name it, we have worked on it. I have always loved the idea of taking on these projects, and I feel incredibly fortunate to have this opportunity to practice my skills on this historic structure.

This undertaking is something that would typically be unbelievably expensive, but Rex and I are both very frugal and are finding ways to make everything work on our slim budget. And I will share all our secrets with you!

So stay tuned for some insights and ideas on how day-to-day projects around my old house might inspire you to do similar ones—without breaking bank. And if you have kids, get them involved! This can be a fun way to spend time with family while bettering your home and opening the little ones’ eyes to an honest day’s work.

See you soon!