Our ImagineCare Year: Super Powers, Pet Peeves, and Dogs vs. Cats


Back in 2014, a small group of people at Dartmouth-Hitchcock were charged with the task of shaping a new way for people to engage in the health care system. In those early days, the vision took many shapes, but no matter the shape it took, one thing always remained at the center: You. The patient. The person.

Thousands of hours of development by a core team of doctors, nurses, coders, designers, and customer service pros led to the official launch of ImagineCare in May 2016—the start of a mission to offer a health service that lowers the cost of care, makes it more efficient, and puts more of your care in your own hands than ever before. With ImagineCare, you decide how and when you'd like to engage with your care community, meanwhile being assured that our nursing staff is keeping an eye out for when you need us most.

And as a population of our customers, you represent results that attest to ImagineCare's effectiveness already, according to this handful of statistics:

50% reduction in poorly controlled high blood pressure
95% satisfaction rating for ImagineCare's Health Navigator and Registered Nurse services

But how did we get to these encouraging numbers? What are their nuts and bolts?

The numbers reflect all the work that you put into your health in 2016. They're the steps you took, the miles walked, the activity points earned, the calories burned. And wow, did they add up!

Take a look at our ImagineCare-wide totals in those core areas of healthy achievement. Basically, we walked to the moon this year:

We answered some Daily Questions, too.

Every day you opened the ImagineCare app for a refresh of your health data, we dispatched another set of questions. Some asked about your health habits, some about your current mood, and then there were those that helped us know you even better as a person. Fun questions, which you gave GREAT answers to.

So we went through some of our favorite questions and tallied the top responses...

And good times never seemed so good (so good, so good):

Apparently, the dream of voluntary flight is as strong as it ever was. (Cape optional.)

Pet peeves are healthy. Because knowing you're absolutely right to feel annoyed by that thing other people do—it's the ultimate self-esteem-builder.

If you could live anywhere, where would you live?

Let's make "Warm Ocean Vermont" happen somehow.

Well, aren't we just a bunch of optimists!

And the single most important piece of data you'll read this year. Even though the internet is made of cats,  the real-life people of ImagineCare prefer the tails that wag. 


Here's wishing everyone in ImagineCareLand a happy and healthy 2017!

~The ImagineCare Team