What Exactly Is the ImagineCare Experience?

We get this question a lot.

On the surface of it, ImagineCare sports a nifty mobile app that syncs and organizes health data sent from your activity tracker—or blood pressure cuff or weight scale or inhaler sensor—creating an easy-to-use platform for you to manage your personal health goals.

Now you're asking, "Okay, so if tracking my steps and heart rate is just the surface of ImagineCare, what's underneath it all? What's the bedrock? What's under the hood?"

You really want to know?

It's the people—yes, actual human people, not a legion of bots—who are available when you need it. Literally any time of day, an ImagineCare customer can call, email, or send a text through our mobile app to connect with one of our stellar Health Navigators or Registered Nurses.

And why would you want to connect with a Health Navigator or Nurse?

Let’s make a list of acceptable reasons to connect with someone at ImagineCare:

  • Honestly, all reasons are acceptable. We’re born listeners! Whatever you got, we’re listening. But okay, here are some reasons why you might call or text us:
  • You’re trying to get started on an exercise routine or establish a new health goal and need some coaching from a trained professional.
  •  Maybe your app or devices are giving you trouble and you need some tech support.
  • You're trying to quit smoking or manage your weight or figure out why you’re having trouble going to sleep at night.
  • You have a doctor’s visit coming up, and you're looking for guidance on how best to talk about your condition with your doctor in the few minutes you’ll have with them.
  • Feeling blue, not sure what to do, and need someone to talk to (even if this three-part rhyme didn’t cheer you up).
  • You’re feeling physically ill or had an accident and would love a Nurse to triage you toward the urgent care you need.
  • You can’t believe Game of Thrones decided to kill off that character and you just need to vent.

See? Any reason at all.

And while we’re at it, here is ImagineCare’s guarantee—the cornerstone of our service: your health data is secure. We will never send personally identifiable health data to a third party (e.g. your employer or other company). Data we share is always only in aggregate and de-identified—population-wide totals for clients wanting a “big picture” sense of health outcome trends. Neither your name nor your individual set of data will be singled out. And that’s not just our word. It’s the law.

Good? Good.


Our ImagineCare Year: Super Powers, Pet Peeves, and Dogs vs. Cats


Back in 2014, a small group of people at Dartmouth-Hitchcock were charged with the task of shaping a new way for people to engage in the health care system. In those early days, the vision took many shapes, but no matter the shape it took, one thing always remained at the center: You. The patient. The person.

Thousands of hours of development by a core team of doctors, nurses, coders, designers, and customer service pros led to the official launch of ImagineCare in May 2016—the start of a mission to offer a health service that lowers the cost of care, makes it more efficient, and puts more of your care in your own hands than ever before. With ImagineCare, you decide how and when you'd like to engage with your care community, meanwhile being assured that our nursing staff is keeping an eye out for when you need us most.

And as a population of our customers, you represent results that attest to ImagineCare's effectiveness already, according to this handful of statistics:

50% reduction in poorly controlled high blood pressure
95% satisfaction rating for ImagineCare's Health Navigator and Registered Nurse services

But how did we get to these encouraging numbers? What are their nuts and bolts?

The numbers reflect all the work that you put into your health in 2016. They're the steps you took, the miles walked, the activity points earned, the calories burned. And wow, did they add up!

Take a look at our ImagineCare-wide totals in those core areas of healthy achievement. Basically, we walked to the moon this year:

We answered some Daily Questions, too.

Every day you opened the ImagineCare app for a refresh of your health data, we dispatched another set of questions. Some asked about your health habits, some about your current mood, and then there were those that helped us know you even better as a person. Fun questions, which you gave GREAT answers to.

So we went through some of our favorite questions and tallied the top responses...

And good times never seemed so good (so good, so good):

Apparently, the dream of voluntary flight is as strong as it ever was. (Cape optional.)

Pet peeves are healthy. Because knowing you're absolutely right to feel annoyed by that thing other people do—it's the ultimate self-esteem-builder.

If you could live anywhere, where would you live?

Let's make "Warm Ocean Vermont" happen somehow.

Well, aren't we just a bunch of optimists!

And the single most important piece of data you'll read this year. Even though the internet is made of cats,  the real-life people of ImagineCare prefer the tails that wag. 


Here's wishing everyone in ImagineCareLand a happy and healthy 2017!

~The ImagineCare Team


ImagineCare Town Hall: Who killed Microsoft Band?

q&a header.jpg

You have questions. We can answer them.

Though we make every effort to explain all the ins and outs of ImagineCare up front, some things will need clarifying. And we're always glad when you ask!

These are questions we're hearing a lot lately, and here's what I can tell you:

I heard the Microsoft Band has been discontinued. What does that mean for ImagineCare and for me as a customer?

You heard correctly. Microsoft recently announced that it is ceasing production of the Microsoft Band device. What this means in the near term is, simply, that nothing will change. ImagineCare has Bands in stock, and they will still be included in new enrollees’ Welcome Kits. If your Band breaks, we can still replace it, and the Band will remain fully functional.

Bottom line is this: Activity trackers (and all their versions) will come and go, but ImagineCare will always be there. No matter which wearable device we happen to offer, it will perform all the functions you need to manage your health, to interact with the ImagineCare app, and to connect with one of our support staff.

I’m worried about the privacy of the personal health information I share with ImagineCare. Does ImagineCare share my health info with my employer or other third parties?

No, ImagineCare does not share your identifiable personal health information with anyone without your permission. Not your boss or company. Not a data-collection agency. Your identifiable personal health information is protected by law—the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, a.k.a. HIPAA, to be exact. This law establishes privacy standards to protect your medical records and other health information.

In the context of ImagineCare, this means that we’ll never share or publish personally identifiable health data that is collected through the ImagineCare app. In other words, your boss can't see how many steps you take, or geolocate your activity, or find out how many hours you slept last night.

Data that we do share is always only in aggregate and de-identified, from which an employer can gain a "big picture" sense of how well ImagineCare is working and how effectively the service is helping you and your colleagues as a group. Again, neither your name nor your individual set of data will ever be singled out.

I know I can call ImagineCare for technical support with my devices, but what else can your staff assist me with?

When we talk about the ImagineCare Experience, our staff of Registered Nurses and Health Navigators are what we’re talking about. Yes, they’re here to troubleshoot any issues you may be having with your devices or the ImagineCare app, but they represent a wealth of knowledge that goes well beyond tech support.

I mentioned that we have Registered Nurses on staff? And that they're here when I need it? And that they're just a phone call, email, or app chat away? The truth is, whether you contact us directly or not, we've always got your back.

The way we built the ImagineCare system allows us to see—in real-time—when you may be having a health event that requires clinical intervention. Say you submitted a blood pressure reading through the app, and say that blood pressure reading was really high. A Nurse on our end is going to receive that information immediately and will reach out to you to see if you're all right. We're keeping an eye on you when it matters most to your health.

And then you've got our Health Navigators, also here when you need it, to email, chat, or call for health coaching, to guide you through a difficult time, to help you get in touch with a doctor or pharmacy, or to show you "hidden" features in the Band or app. We've had customers who designed a workout routine with a Health Navigator...entirely over chat

If you have other questions about how ImagineCare works, or if these answers are still unclear, feel free to email us at info@imaginecare.com


Tom Haushalter is Communications and Brand Manager at ImagineCare.