Are You Putting Activity Points On the Board?


Counting steps on your Band is one thing. Get up, move around, and steps add up. You know that already.

But the key to moving for optimal health benefit is raising your heart rate. Heart rate increase allows for better oxygen and blood flow to your muscles, including your heart. More oxygen to your muscles helps your body adapt in ways that are known to improve health.

And a faster heartbeat means greater calorie burn. We call this Activity.

ImagineCare has designed an easy way for you to log how much Activity you do each day and to earn what we call Activity Points.

How do Activity Points work?

Anytime you set out for a run, a walk/hike, or a bike ride/spin session, scroll over on your Band to icons designated for these Activities (see image at the top) and start one!

Or scroll a bit further to the barbell icon, and select from a long list of Activities, including rowing, yoga, elliptical, stairclimber, and more.

When you complete an Activity and sync your data with the ImagineCare app, we calculate Activity Points earned for that Activity. The longer the Activity, the more points. The more intense the Activity (i.e. the higher your heart rate), the more points.


So set some Activity goals! On the ImagineCare app's Health Monitor screen, scroll to the bottom and tap on "Settings & Devices." There you can set your weekly Activity Goal.

And as you add Activity Points throughout the week, we'll be rooting you on!