IMAGINECARE places the individual at the center of their own health, and along with support teams makes health care more PERSONALIZED, PROACTIVE, RESPONSIVE, and CONSUMER-FOCUSED, because:

  • We deserve to have access to the BEST-AVAILABLE clinical expertise that relies on WORLD-CLASS medical research;
  • We deserve to receive care when and where we need it—based on OUR SCHEDULES and NEEDS, not the needs of the health care system;
  • We deserve to communicate with our care teams based on OUR PREFERENCE, whether via text, video, phone, or email.

From core health and wellness to management of chronic disease, IMAGINECARE will change how health care serves you.

IMAGINECARE provides more proactive care services, moving care “upstream” and taking care of small events before they become larger, more costly health emergencies.

Beyond a Mobile Health App

IMAGINECARE is a holistic health experience system that focuses on the customer experience, integrating behavior change design into mobile apps and new clinical web applications. The latest evidence in health and chronic disease management is paired with patent-pending cloud-based technology solutions to offer a highly secure and engaging end-to-end digital health service.

Keeping the human touch in long term health coordination is vital to continued engagement. ImagineCare’s support team of Health Navigators and Registered Nurses use a custom designed clinical web application to provide more personalized and contextual service. This provides unified communication support, EHR integration capabilities, and more modern customer relationship management tools.

ImagineCare leverages automation and machine learning to enhance the overall care experience without letting them get in the way of excellent human support and coaching capabilities. Better data will yield better outcomes (and higher ROI) along with more personalized services.


  • iOS
  • Web (2017)
  • Android (2017)
  • Activity/Physical Exertion/Heart Rate
  • Steps
  • Sleep
  • Nutrition (2017)
  • Behavioral Health & Stress
  • COPD
  • Congestive Heart Failure
  • Diabetes Management
  • Hypertension
  • Multiple pathways in development (2017)


  • Custom clinical web application with integrated text, video, call center, and consumer-focused design features
  • International licensing and partnerships
  • ImagineCare clinical and service training for turnkey implementations


  • Data, analytics, and population health insights platform